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Friday, November 26

Most Worshipful Bro E N Waller

Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland

The principal speaker of the evening was Most Worshipful Brother Eric Waller, who had the task of proposing a toast to the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The excellent meal provided by the Sheraton Grand Hotel had included haggis,and this had been duly piped in and addressed in best Burnsian fashion. Brother Waller acknowledged the similarities between the Celtic nations of Ireland and Scotland, but admitted that he had understood only three words of the address to the haggis: and those had been, "it's bloody hot", not part of the Bard's original address, but an involuntary expostulation on the part of the orator.

In addition to stressing the need for a new vision for Freemasonry in the 21st Century and the means by which this might be acheived, Bro Waller presented Bro Morrow with a replica of the Ball's Bridge Square on which is engraved a most touching motto, "I will strive to live with love and care, Upon the level by the square, 1507"

A motto equally relevant to the lives of all Freemasons today as it was nearly 500 years ago.

Shortly before reaching his concluding remarks, Bro Waller was iterrupted by the insistent wailing of a fire alarm. Once it had been ascertained that this was genuine, the 600 brethren trooped dutifully out for a breath of fresh air in Festival Square where the Fire Brigade screeched past in short order.

It transpires that some unobservant individual had been smoking a cigar below a smoke sensor: enough said!

After re-entering the hotel Bro Waller returned to the microphone and quipped that that was certainly a clear way to let one's guests know when they had spoken long enough. In his efforts to finish his speech the alarms sounded (albeit briefly) for a further three times. You would think that some people might take the hint!


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