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Monday, December 13

National Treasure - Masonic Conspiracy?

I happened to see a trailer at the cinema for the Disney film "National Teasure" which, although on release in the US, is still to hit our screens in the UK.

The basic premise of the film appears to relate to a vast treasure which was hidden by the American Founding Fathers, who left clues to its whereabouts on the reverse of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage) must steal this priceless artefact to locate and safeguard the treasure.

Masonic Conspiracy?

Sounds like an enjoyable Disney Romp you might think - where does the Masonic link come in? Click on this link to Disney's official film site, and go to the Trailers and Clips section then watch Clip 1. As Cage is revealing the invisible map on the document, the first symbol to appear is the Square and Compasses. Now whether this element comes to the fore in the film, I don't know, I'll just have to wait until the UK release.

I know that the individuals prominent in forming the American constitution were also Freemasons, but the theories which exist which put Masonic symbolism into various aspects of American life are usually spurious. For example the supposed Masonic elements in the US Dollar Bill have been discounted by Masonic Researchers (more on this in a later post).

If there is anyone who can tell me whether the Masonic element is enlarged upon in the film, comments are appreciated. If not, we'll all just have to go to the cinema to find out!


Anonymous said...

Harmless,but interesting. In America, people are searching for Light, but all there getting is ,misdirected,as in the Da Vinci Code. See the movie when it gets there, you will enjoy the opening five minutes, A widows son

10:52 PM  

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