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Thursday, January 27

Freemasonry a good way of life

On the letters page of the Edinburgh 'Evening News' on Wednesday, 26 January 2005 I came across the following letter from Bro. James S. Fraser:

For the past 30-plus years I have been a Freemason and I would highly recommend it to any law-abiding citizen who values the principles of living a good life.

Tell me of another situation where a man can get dressed up in evening wear and sit down to dinner any day of the week, drink wine and whisky and listen to speeches from people of great wisdom and humour and can go out with a tenner and come back with change.

I have heard many people run down their own narrow-minded views on Masonry but they tend to be people who were not allowed to join for reasons of their own, or others who feel that it gives unfair advantage in life and jobs,

I have never found any of that to be the case, but you do have to be patriotic, uphold the principles of law and order and loyal to our Queen - God and country - in other words a good British citizen.

What caught my attention about the letter was not that it contained any startling revelation: rather the opposite - the very ordinariness of it. It brought to mind my own encouragement to young Masons that it is quite in order to acknowledge your membership of the order, and in so doing provide a real face of Freemasonry to those who surround us in our everyday lives.

I do however have to disagree with a statement which Bro Fraser makes, it is just that I do think that membership of the Masonic Order gives us an unfair advantage in life. Not however in any pecuniary fashion, but rather in the knowledge of a life well-spent, endeavouring to adhere to a higher moral standard. An advantage, undoubtedly, unfair only insofar as we expect that same high standard of all our members, but can only hope to inculcate it in the 'outer world'.

Perhaps Freemasonry would have a standing closer to that it once enjoyed if we were all to make a small effort to dispel the myths as Bro Fraser has done.

So go ahead, do it now: write a letter to your local paper extolling the uprightness and integrity and 'ordinary' nature of Freemasonry.


Anonymous said...

Twelve years ago I changed my life style ,though one still keeps the values ,of witch you speak i can never again join you in your good deeds and actions.indeed any young man owning himself to be a "mason"stands head and sholders above other men . A fallen EX brother

6:55 PM  

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