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Thursday, February 24

Cornerstone Society Summer Conference 2005

News has reached Fidelity Towers of the Summer Conference run by The Cornerstone Society.

The event is to be held in Freemason's Hall, London on Saturday 25 June, 2005.

Speakers will include the Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton and Dennis Chornenky, President of the Masonic Research Foundation of America. Full details are available on the Cornerstone Society's website. Tickets for the conference and dinner (excl. wines) are available at a cost of £40, or £17 for the conference only.

High profile conferences such as this are a valuable aspect of Freemasonry, and one which is often overlooked by the greater part of our membership. Too often the rank-and-file focus too closely on attending lodges to witness degree workings: although they quote the words that "we are a speculative Society", they tend to lose sight of the need to speculate…

Thanks are due to the Brethren who give of their time and researches to make such events possible.


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