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Saturday, March 12

Saint John the Baptist - Masonic Patron

Saint John the Baptist

The original Patron of Freemasonry. His feast day is celebrated on 24 June and continues to be celebrated by the Masonic Fraternity.

John the Baptist was renowned for his preaching of virtue and repentance; this, coupled with his willingness to suffer martyrdom rather than betray his duty to his Master, make him a fit candidate for Patron of the Order of Freemasonry.

The Grand Lodge of England was revived in 1717 on the feast day of St John the Baptist and continued to celebrate this festival for a number of years thereafter.

Although the Grand Lodge of Scotland celebrates the Festival of St Andrew in November, many of her daughter lodges continue to recognize and celebrate the Festival of St John the Baptist. Scottish Freemasonry still recognizes the appellation of St Johns' Masonry.


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