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Saturday, September 10

Joe Morrow resigns as Grand Master of the Scottish Craft

Brother Joseph (Joe) John Morrow
Bro Morrow
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Grand Master resigns

News has reached us that Bro. Joseph J. Morrow has, for personal reasons, resigned his Grand Mastership of the Scottish Craft after less than a year in office. It was on 25 November, 2004 that the Reverend Canon Bro Morrow was installed as Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lode of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.

I for one am saddened to hear that Bro. Morrow has demitted his position. His inimitable style, charisma and enthusiasm were a tonic to our, often staid, organization. I feel sure that had he continued, Bro. Joe would have breathed new vigour into Scottish Freemasonry.

This cannot have been a decision to take lightly: we wish him well, and look forward to his continued company on the Masonic circuit.


Anonymous said...

The personal reasons Bro Joe has resigned for are in my opinion the wrong . He was a good approachable leader and I believe he should have stayed in office. This has probably put Scottish Freemasonry back another 10 years.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

Do you mean this?

4:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

Has he been forced out due to being too forward looking and wanting to bring Grand Lodge into the 21st Century?

12:55 PM  
Alan D Rudland said...

Who knows what discussions take place behind the doors of 96 George Street. It would appear however that Bro. Joe is relinquishing his position for health reasons.

6:50 PM  
Alan D Rudland said...

The Scotsman reported this today repeating various of the comments from other articles.

8:00 PM  
michael cork said...

i find that the resignation of our grand master to be a very sad day for freemasonry, his open attitude to freemasonry is what i suspect to be the main reason for resigning. with continual gentle pushing even the strongest tree may fall unless it learns to control whatever or whoever is doing the pushing. please with draw your resignation and do not allow yourself to be bullied by short sighted individuals. if it is for genuine health reasons, then i wish you all the best in the future, but remember that you have a very large following out here.

10:21 AM  

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